Megan Fox Has A New Short Film

megan fox 560x318

We here at Gunaxin feel Megan Fox is grossly underexposed. It seems like days since her lovely face and body graced the pages of tabloid websites and/or television airwaves. That’s unacceptable. To remedy this egregious error being perpetrated by the lazy shits who call themselves paparazzi, we searched out Megan’s latest artsy-fartsy short film/commercial for Armani jeans called “The Tip.”

Fox plays a sexy young woman who enjoys prancing around five-star Italian hotel rooms in lingerie and teasing horny room service waiters by sliding on a pair of super-skinny jeans over her tight as a snare drum ass. Nice to see she’s broadening her acting horizons. Anyway, it’s shot in black and white, so it’s classy and sophisticated. Ya know, just like Megan.

[h/t Vulture]