Meghan McCain’s Dirty Sexy Politics

dirty sexy politicsWhile Sarah Palin continues to grab headlines with her teabag party, it’s really Sen. John McCain’s daughter, Meghan, who political junkies should be paying attention to exclusively.

McCain’s book, Dirty Sexy Politics (available on Amazon), is hitting the shelves tomorrow, which will do two things: Give critics another female conservative to goof on, and give conservatives hope that someone other than tightwad white men follow this party. And it will also make all men want to read.

Her website says of the book:

In this witty, candid, and boisterous book, Meghan takes us deep behind the scenes of the campaign trail. She steals campaign signs in New Hampshire, tastes the nightlife in Nashville, and has a strange encounter with Laura and Jenna Bush at the White House. Along the way, she falls in love with America – while seeing how far the Republican Party has veered from its core values of freedom, honesty, and individuality. In Dirty Sexy Politics, Meghan McCain gives us a true insider’s account of life on a campaign trail.

Aside from twittering all day, McCain writes a column for The Daily Beast, and runs the Don’t miss this article: McCain speaks to Snooki.

By the way, Gunaxin has a photo gallery of Ms. McCain.

May she stay in the limelight for years to come.