Ménage à Taser?

Taser International unveiled a new Taser stun gun that can deliver three shocks without being reloaded. And here I was hoping it would shock three people at once! The old-fashioned model has to be reloaded after one shot, a problem for use with multiple suspects, when the first short is errant, or when you simply want to re-taser the same person over and over.

Taser CEO Rick Smith unveiled the new model, which will run you a cool $1,799 (a grand mark-up from the original one shot model). Though of all the police videos that I’ve witnessed of cops tasering people, I can’t recall a single example where a second quick Taser is needed. On the other hand, I’ve seen a lot of videos where they run out of cuffs. Maybe they should take that extra $1,000 and buy more cuffs instead. Not as cool, but more practical!

Next on the developmental track for Taser International is the seven-shot rotating barrel, water-cooled Gatling™ Taser (with belt fed darts). Here is the Tri-Taser (or X3) in action: