Mets Relief Pitchers as Pro Wrestlers

hulkamania header 560x441By now, you’ve probably seen the pics, courtesy of MetsBlog, of Mets reliever Tim Byrdak dressed in full Hulkamania garb from yesterday’s Spring Training practice. Pretty sweet, especially since he included the red feather boa, which is a crucial fashion detail often neglected by Hulk Hogan impersonators. What the Mets lack in talent and fundamentals, they more than make up for in sense of humor.

Anyway, the image of Byrdak strutting around like the Hulkster got me thinking what other Mets relief pitchers might look like as professional wrestlers. To the Photoshop mobile!

R.A. Dickey as The Ultimate Warrior

dickey warriorMike Pelfrey as John Cena

pelfrey cenaManny Acosta as Koko B. Ware

acosta kokoD.J. Carrasco as Macho Man

carrasco macho 560x315Feel free to play along at home.

[h/t Big League Stew]