Mets Trap

Whether it’s arguing over a property trade in Monopoly, rolling double sixes in Parcheesi or hoping to pull a Q in Scrabble, a little competition among friends never hurt anyone. But in the dog days of summer, can the simple pleasures of a board game cheer up the hapless New York Mets?

We’re talking about an organization that’s gone from being an NL East favorite to being nearly ten games out of first place, with half their payroll on the disabled list.  But it’s not just the litany of injuries that the Mets are facing. There’s the shirtless VP who challenged his minor league players to a fight.  And who can forget lovable Omar Minaya, the only GM in baseball who doesn’t know how to use the past tense of the word “lobby.”

So when Omar and Mets manager Jerry Manuel sat down to ease the pain one afternoon, this is how it turned out.

Was that JJ Putz’ arm snapping or is that what it sounds like when you sprain your vagina?