Michael Jackson Memorabilia

michael jackson 560x420

Sadly, it takes a death to re-appreciate someone, and in this case, it’s Michael Jackson. A hero to me when I was a child, the brunt of everyone’s jokes for two decades after that, I sit here searching for everything Michael Jackson as I watch coverage of him on CNN while listening to Billie Jean and Man in the Mirror.

Now, I know it’s soon, very soon, but I’m already thinking that Jackson will be around for many decades to come, much like Elvis, not only through music but through collectibles. On plates, on stamps, on anything anyone will buy. Forget Graceland, I already want to buy a ticket to tour Neverland Ranch.

Now, let’s take a look at the Michael Jackson stuff that people will be lining up to buy. Let’s be sure there is much more to come.

1/6 Scale M Icon Billie Jean History Tour Michael Jackson Figure
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1984 Jackson Beat It Doll

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Michael Jackson 80’s Pop King Jacket
41JBsMb3tRL. SS500 300x300

Adult’s Michael Jackson Thriller Costume Wig
518LForyjZL. SS500 300x300

Thriller > Zombie Michael Jackson Figure
312OULaL3QL. SS500 300x300

Michael Jackson Bad Plaque, 21×15
31PgwKWA5YL. SS500 300x300

Hot Toys Michael Jackson Vinyl Figure (Thriller)
31li+RYFC5L. SS500 300x300

Michael Jackson Russian Nesting Doll Hand Made51 R+HflGpL. SS500 300x300

Michael Jackson Bad Costume
Picture 16 226x300