Midgets vs. Mascots DVD in Stores!

13961 338564555293 140320260293 9762110 3848744 n 209x300The funniest movie of 2009 is finally available in stores on February 9th… the one and only Midgets vs. Mascots. Gunaxin held a very memorable viewing party of this at the Tribeca Film Festival. I even got my picture with one of the stars, the lovely Terra JolĂ©.

If you’ve been waiting for this like me, you can buy it at www.midgetsvsmascots.com or on Amazon.

But wait! There’s more. In order to help promote the new film, we have a few great prizes available for Gunaxin readers :

  • Midgets vs. Mascots (unrated) on DVD
  • $100 Fandango.com gift card
  • $150 iTunes gift card

To be eligible to win, you must complete just two easy steps:

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For those who haven’t already heard, Midgets vs. Mascots is a Borat-meets-Jackass shockumentary, starring Gary Coleman, featuring five little people and five mascots who battle for $1 million apiece in competitions such as “how few insults does it take to get punched in a bar” and “alligator wrestling.” Much of the film is shot guerrilla improv style as the teams surprise unsuspecting bystanders when they crash restaurants, bars and neighborhoods during outrageous competitions.