Ditka, Obama, Palin, and Bill Swerski?

ESPN’s Sunday NFL Countdown had a feature on Mike Ditka and the election this week. As we previously mentioned, Ditka almost ran against Barack Obama in 2004. Here is the clip of Bill Swerski’s Superfans (George Wendt) from ESPN:

ws ditkaween2502They also mentioned an event which took place in Chicago on Thursday, the Second Annual Ditkaween. The event was held at Ditka’s Oakbrook Terrace Restaurant, with fans coming dressed as “Da Coach” himself. The event was hosted and broadcasted live by a radio station with prizes for the best costumes.

ditka palin 300x225

Coach Ditka has been quite a busy man recently. On Friday he appeared at a campaign rally for Sarah Palin :

“This is the land of opportunity, it’s not a land of handouts,” Ditka said. “If you’re willing to work, you can find a job. I want to say how proud I am because I think Sarah Palin epitomizes all the good things, all the good values, of this country.”