Miley Cyrus Just Created the Most Terrifying GIF Ever

MileyMiley Cyrus “performed” at the MTV Video and Music Awards last night, a word we use in the loosest possible sense because we haven’t yet ruled out that she’s actually having a horrific seizure. She inadvertently created the single most terrifying GIF ever made in the process.

In her 2 minute long, childhood shattering performance, Cyrus cleaved the entire internet in two. On one half you have people saying she was just expressing her individuality. On the other you have people screaming “oh god, what the hell is that!?” at their screen while they try to appease their laptop by sacrificing cats in its general vicinity. Seriously, look at this.

tumblr ms525lK8WQ1s5j98io2 500

That kids iPhone set on fire 4 seconds later.

That isn’t music, hell, it’s barely even entertainment. Three quarters of you are going to end up on a government list just for having this shit on your screen. Just look at her face and we mean really look at it, you can actually see her soul evaporating.


We went to an exorcism that wasn’t this unnerving.

Then you have to realize that she’s holding a giant foam finger that she’s actually using as a phallus, but not just a phallus, one that she’s waving in the faces of her fans who last time we checked from our friend’s computer (lets see him explain that one to his wife) are all like 15.

When it really comes down to it this is basically a sex crime that we’ve captured in GIF form so you can enjoy it from prison. Hey Miley, here’s a tip from your friends here at Gunaxin. When you’re in the same room as two French people wearing robot masks and glitter covered jackets and you’re the one who looks like they shouldn’t be allowed near children, you’ve done something horribly, horribly wrong. Both literally and metaphorically.

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Whatever, children think robots are kick-ass.