Millennium Falcon: The South’s New Rebel Flagship

flag and falcon 560x174

There are two things that are truly loved by young men south of the Mason-Dixon line. They are, in no particular order, Civil War History and Star Wars. They will often talk about the South potentially rising again, but until now, there has been no real discussion of what technology the New Rebellion might use. It does not take a huge leap of faith to see that the Rebellion against the Empire is about to¬† merge with the War Between the States. Why do we say this? Go check out, we’ll wait.

A man named Chris Lee (who might one day be an aspiring Darth Tyrannus) has embarked on a quest to build a one to one scale model of the Millenium Falcon. Of course, Lee has decided to build this scale model in central Tennessee.

lee and dooku 2

Far from being a Count Cuckoo, this Chris Lee has gained a following to make his dream of a full-sized Millenium Falcon in central Tennessee become a reality. They are actively on eBay buying as close to original props as possible. They are working from schematics, as well as pictures from A New Hope and The Empire Strikes Back.

They are adamant that the ship will not fly or have any actual laser cannons. Still, we can’t help but wonder if this is but a first step in building a Southern Space-faring fleet to establish a New Rebellion in the South. Recently, students at the University of Mississippi sincerely wanted Admiral Ackbar as a mascot. Was it that Ackbar was a commander of Rebel forces or was it that bright beautiful redneck?

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Remember that the Rebellion in Star Wars was sparked and won by farm boys, smugglers, crazy old hermits, religious beliefs and a princess in a metal bikini. Trust us, that is exactly the type of fighting force that you would find right now in Tennessee. They say that the whole full size Millenium Falcon project is simply for show and that nothing serious is coming out of it. Of course, the Germans also said that they were not interested in an Air Force before World War 2. This is all simply a sign of as Rebellion coming with big hairy pilots and a culture that created NASCAR from moonshining.

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Yes, it is definitively coming.