Mind-Control Video Games Are Here!

Text 560x133Holy crap.  We thought the Wii controls were innovative.  Xbox Kinect will soon turn your body into a controller. For all they’re worth, they may as well be paddles for the Atari 2600. The brand new XWave lets you PLAY GAMES USING ONLY YOUR MIND!!!

That’s right people, strap on the Doc Brown-meets-high school wrestling headgear, load up the apps on your i-Devices and start moving things around the screen using your mind. Thanks to technology that was, until now, used mainly in the medical science fields, we are now able to harness the power of our own heads with a headset that will only set you back $100. Four apps are available now, including one that trains you to use your brain’s electrical impulses to do things like levitating a digital ball on the screen or changing colors, and another that shows you what music stimulates you and connects you to others who do too. Now you’ll be able to find that one special girl out there who also digs on E.L.O. b-sides.

Right now, the games and tasks are simple in what’s available, but full on games are being developed as I write this. This is some really crazy sci-fi movie stuff coming to life right in front of us, and for once I feel like a consumer-friendly Boba Fett jetpack may one day be a reality.  Here’s hoping we’re on the review list and we can bring you a hands-on with this insanity soon.  For more info check out www.plxwave.com.