Monkeying around at BCS Headquarters

Anyone who’s ever worked in an office knows that the day to day grind can be pretty mundane. From hearing all about your coworker’s morning commute to counting down the minutes till 5PM, there’s not much glamor to life in the cubicle, even when your job is ranking College Football teams.

So it’s time to see what goes on between the weekly staff meetings at BCS Headquarters. And like most office workers, the chimps will use any excuse they can find to spice up the routine…especially when that “excuse” is a smoking hot secretary.

But don’t fret, the Chimps are still hard at work, and between ogling the new girl and scarfing down bananas in the break room, they’re still putting together the weekly rankings. And this year, with so many teams still undefeated this late into the season, the job of determining the rankings has become even more difficult.

Thankfully, Harold Billingsworth, the CEO of BCS Committee, has been in the game for years. And when he faces tough decisions like this, when his veteran leadership and seasoned track record can’t help him come to a definitive judgment, there’s an age old technique he uses to decide the rankings. He likes to call it “Old Reliable.”

Videos courtesy of the Global Sports Fraternity.