Monster March Madness: The Final Battle

godzilla wallpaper 560x420

The war was waged. 64 giant monsters from all over the galaxy and Earth itself decided to square off in the mother of all battles. Creatures who seemingly didn’t stand a chance, were beaten early, while still others fought valiantly to further rounds and continued domination of their opponents. But, when the dust cleared, only four stood tall and the ultimate stare-down ensued. It was time, at last, to see who the last monster standing would be.

The Final Four Were set: Godzilla; The odds-on favorite to win: he’s a anti-hero with a heart of gold, Mecha-Godzilla; Much the same as his counterpart Mecha-Godzilla is a metallic menace, The Iron Giant; Friendly with a price, and Baragon; the Cinderella story of the tournament.

christmas two

The battle began. Mecha-Godzilla took on the Green Giant himself, Godzilla. It was a brawl for the ages… and, fortunately, cameras were there to catch all the action.

But the one persistent issue came to light: Mecha-Godzilla was still only piloted by humans. Advantage and victory: Godzilla. He moves on to the final round, much to no one’s surprise.

The last of the Final Four took the form of Baragon against The Iron Giant. The safe money was on the Giant, since he is naught but a giant, walking weapon. Ah, but the nuclear core that functioned as his battery and ultimately kept him running was his downfall. After a wicked showdown, it was to be Baragon in the final round.

And so it has come to the finale. Here is how the brackets turned out:

monster bracket round 41 560x417

Now, flash forward two nights from now. Hey, this is all made up, why can’t we borrow some time travel? Anyway, the final two combatants stand face to face. Their teeth are bared, their claws are at the ready and breath-weapons warmed for immediate use… or however they ready those things. And the battle begins!

The offence was brutal. The defense was stunning. It was an all-out back and forth struggle. But, after the shrapnel settled and the clouds of ruined buildings calmed, one winner stood proud: GODZILLA!

monster bracket round 5 560x417
godzilla 560x461