More Trick Shots with B.Manley

A couple of weeks back we introduced you to Bruce Manley and his friend Thomas Litteer. Manley makes the shots, and Litteer catches them in slo-mo high definition. It’s a pretty sick combination which has landed Bruce a $1,000 game of H.O.R.S.E. with Shaq, to be played next month. Thomas contacted us, and gave us a bit of the back story (yeah, it reads like a press release) :

Bruce Manley, the 25 year old trick-shot phenom, was raised by his mother in a modest setting in the suburbs of northern New Jersey where he began playing basketball at an early age. Like many children, his early interest in sports led him to spend many hours on the court, however Bruce was always recognized by his friends as having an excelled talent for the game. With no formal training, no experienced coaching from high school or college instructors, he continued to amaze friends and spectators with his talent and skills on the pavement at local parks. After an early sports injury at 14 prevented Bruce from painlessly throwing overhand (as traditional basketball would require), he began to hone his skills at the underarm and behind-the-back trick-shots he has become recognized for. With the time and dedication he has put in the game, these “impossible shots” grew increasingly more accurate. Bruce is represented by childhood friend Thomas Litteer, President and CEO of Left Lane 6 Productions. Bruce’s future plans include relocating to Florida to pursue potential sponsorships and a career in basketball.

So yeah, Bruce is still shooting, and Thomas is still working it. I would suggest to Bruce that he just makes sure dunking is against the rules in his H.O.R.S.E. game. Here is their latest video :