Moshi Voice Control Digital Clock

moshiWe all hate waking up when it is not on our terms. You hear that annoying alarm clock sound and you hate the thought of getting out of bed. The sad fact is that we do have to wake up and seize the day. So if we have to get out of bed, why not wake up in style? You can with the Moshi Digital Alarm Clock Radio. The Moshi Voice Control Digital Clock Radio is fully voice controlled and equipped with premium speakers to play radio, MP3 music player, or sounds that help you sleep. The sound quality is so great that you wished you had always woken up with this alarm clock.

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The Moshi Voice Control Digital Clock is the first to utilize quick set alarm buttons. All you have to do is select one of the two alarms and the Moshi Digital Clock Radio will politely ask you at what time and alarm sound. You can choose three modes of your wake up call with  a AM station, FM station, or your choice of three pleasant alarms you wish to be waken up to. Not since The Clapper has there been such a sweet way to operate an electronic device.

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Here are some of the clock’s features.¬† The clock comes with a 2.0 Stereo Sound, a AM/FM Digital Tuner, 3 AM Presets, 3 FM Presets, and Dual Alarms. You can set the snooze feature and there are three alarm sounds and three sleep sounds. Plus the Moshi Digital Clock Radio can play your iPod or MP3 Accessory that includes line-in cable to connect your iPod. Plus these are the features that are controlled by your voice: time, time set, setting up alarm that includes turning on and off the alarm and the alarm sounds. Plus you can ask the clock to turn on the radio, to snooze, and the date.

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