Top 25 Most Valuable Basketball Cards

Basketball Cards 560x391Previously we’ve listed the Top 25 Most Valuable Baseball Cards, and then the Top 25 Most Valuable Football Cards, and today we turn our attention to Basketball. Everyone knows about the infamous Michael Jordan rookie card, when graded, they have become the holy grail of basketball card collections. Most of the trades largest collector’s either have one or are searching for one for their collection. No card collection is complete until they have the Michael Jordan RC.

If you don’t have it, you can still have a chance at building an impressive collection now that Stephen Curry has exploded into one of the NBA’s biggest stars. He is literally shooting his way into NBA history and his cards continue to increase in value along the way. Here are twenty-five of the highest priced basketball cards ever sold.

25. Stephen Curry RC – $10,699

Year/Company: 2009 Upper Deck Exquisite Collection

Grade: PSA 10

25 Curry

24. Lebron James RC – $12,900

Year/Company: 2003 Upper Deck Finite

Serial Numbered: 101 of 200

Grade: BGS 9.5

24 LBJ

23. Johnny Moore RC – $13,556

Year/Company: 1986 Fleer

Grade: PSA 10

23 Moore

22. Sam Jones RC – $13,800

Year/Company: 1961 Fleer

Grade: PSA 10

22 Jones

21. Stephen Curry RC – $14,125

Year/Company: 2009 Topps Chrome

Special Insert: Refractor

Serial Numbered: 4 of 500

Grade: BGS 10

21 Curry

20. Michael Jordan RC – $14,997

Year/Company: 1986 Fleer

Special Insert: Sticker

Grade: PSA 10

20 MJ 560x900

19. Lebron James RC – $15,000

Year/Company: 2002-03 Topps Finest

Special Insert: Refractor

Serial Numbered: 20 of 250

Grade: BGS 10

19 LBJ e1479792900851 560x827

18. Jerry West RC – $16,509

Year/Company: 1961 Fleer

Grade: PSA 9

18 West

17. Tim Duncan RC – $19,988

Year/Company: 1997-98 Topps Chrome

Special Insert: Refractor

Grade: BGS 10

17 Tim

16. Kareem Adbul-Jabbar – $23,766

Year/Company: 1986 Fleer

Special Insert: Stickers

Grade: PSA 10

16 Kareem

15. Michael Jordan RC – $25,000

Year/Company: 1986 Star

Grade: BGS 10

15 MJ 560x431

14. Stephen Curry – $29,999

Year/Company: 2012-13 National Treasures

Special Insert: Colossal Logoman Patch Autograph

Serial Numbered: 1 of 1

14 Curry 560x420

13. Michael Jordan RC – $30,000

Year/Company: 1986 Fleer

Grade: PSA 10

13 MJ 560x972

12. Stephen Curry RC – $30,099

Year/Company: 2009-10 National Treasures

Special Insert: Century Platinum Autographed Patch

Serial Numbered: 4 of 5

Grade: BGS 9

12 Curry 560x873

11. Stephen Curry RC – $31,000

Year/Company: 2009-10 Crown Royale

Special Insert: Autographed

Serial Numbered: 271 of 399

Grade: BGS 10

11 Curry 560x896

10. Stephen Curry RC – $35,100

Year/Company: 2009-10 National Treasures

Special Insert: Gold Autographed Jersey Patch

Serial Numbered: 23 of 25

Grade: BGS 9.5

After last season’s run, Stephen Curry has become the hottest NBA star to invest in for card collector’s. He has even cracked the Top Ten of the list thanks to this amazing RC that was bought at an auction not too long ago. As he continues to make buckets, his value continues to sky-rocket meaning you should buy his cards today.Unfortunately for him, losing the NBA championship this past season did not do him any favors but it hasn’t done much for hurting the value. He is still one of the NBA’s biggest stars.

10 Curry 560x386

9. Wilt Chamberlain – $35,100

Year/Company: 1961 Fleer

Grade: PSA 9

How does anyone protect a 1961 card to the point it grades out as a PSA 9 like this Wilt Chamberlain rookie card? Part of the value and the high price tag comes from the rarity of this card followed by the very high level rating. You are not going to find another Wilt RC close to this ranking. If you do, you better bring it forward and cash in on the excitement.

9 wilt 560x930

8. Bill Russell RC – $39,995

Year/Company: 1957 Topps

Grade: PSA 8

The Boston Celtic’s legendary Center, Bill Russell, was a rookie back in 1957 when sports cards did not demand as much respect as they do today. As with most of the vintage cards still floating around, the PSA 8 is the highest rated Bill Russell RC anyone has ever found.

8 Russell

7. Lebron James RC – $45,025.25

Year/Company: 2003-04 Exquisite

Special Insert: Autographed

Serial Numbered: 12 of 99

Grade: BGS 9.5

LeBron James and Michael Jordan are the hobby’s two biggest names and collector’s would love to own any one of them. The 2003-04 Exquisite collection was the hobby’s biggest product of that season. At this price point, it is a fact that if there is a perfect 10 graded card out there, it would be worth three times this much.

7 LBJ 560x439

6. Michael Jordan – $51,988.98

Year/Company: 1997 Skybox E-X2001

Special Insert: Essential Credentials Now

Serial Numbered: 60 of 90

Grade: BGS 9

Sports cards these days are all about finding the rarest autographs and patches from the game’s biggest stars but 20 years ago, it was the inserts like E-X2001’s Essential Credentials that was the most demanding product in the hobby. With only 90 of them ever made, it is tough to find one in good condition let alone a grading of a 9 like this one.

6 MJ

5. Kobe Bryant RC – $58,100

Year/Company: 1996 Topps Chrome

Grade: BGS 10

Now that Kobe Bryant is officially retired, the price of his cards are going to go up. So if you wanted to cash in on the excitement of owning a 1996 Topps Chrome Kobe Bryant RC, the time to sell is now.

5 Kobe

4. Michael Jordan – $60,000

Year/Company: 1997-98 Upper Deck

Special Insert: Autographed Game-Used All-Star Jersey

Serial Numbered: 7 of 23

If you remember the Upper Deck days of the mid to late 90’s when all they put out were the best basketball cards on the market, then you definitely remember this card. It is the infamous and nearly unreachable Michael Jordan autograph All-Star game jersey card numbered to 23. The appeal of the card is that it was long before the days of auto patches.

4 MJ e1479792955715 560x382

3. Bird / Erving / Magic RC – $60,667

Year/Company: 1980 Topps

Grade: BVG 10

Normally, a RC with more than one player on it isn’t going to be worth as much as the card with just the man himself. The reason this beautiful 1980 Topps card has become so valuable is because it features three of the greatest players of all time, Dr.J, Magic Johnson, and Larry Bird. It doesn’t hurt that this card was a perfect 10, another reason the card as remained in the top three of all time.

3 Bird Magic J e1479792987932 560x357

2. Pete Maravich RC – $130,054

Year/Company: 1970 Topps

Grade: PSA 10

Pete Maravich’s RC values have skyrocketed over the past few years and it has resulted in his PSA 10 RC, the only one known to exist, to become the second most valuable basketball card of all time. To give you a little perspective, it only sold for $18,000 in 2007.

2 Pete e1479793021572

1. George Mikan RC – $403,664

Year/Company: 1948 Bowman

Grade: PSA 10

When it comes to basketball cards, it became popular over the past 20 years thanks to Michael Jordan and Lebron James. So the majority of the cards that make lists these days are not even 10 years old. However, the legend himself, George Mikan, remains the oldest and most valuable basketball card ever sold or bought, ever.

1 Mikan e1479793046777