Movie Review – Capitalism: A Love Story

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We all know the economy’s bad, but do we really know why?  Michael Moore attempts to explain it to us and show us its effects in his new documentary Capitalism: A Love Story.  Naturally, Moore Rules apply: 1. Remember Moore’s political agenda; 2. Take everything with a grain of salt.

So much is hit on in this doc that it will make your head spin. You’ll awe at the brilliant montage of the similarities between the fall of Rome and our situation today; you’ll well up at the people losing their homes; you’ll cheer for the workers who sat in their factory until they were paid what they were due after the company was bought out and the factory shuttered, and you’ll cringe at Moore’s lame Morning Zoo-like bits when he goes to bank headquarters to ‘get our money back’ with an old-timey money bag and armored truck.

Capitalism Moore

Some other bright spots include interviews with the few brave Congressmen and women who actually stick up for us on the Capitol Hill floor, a mortgage salesman who gave deals to politicians who were friends of the CEO of his company and other high ranking people who can’t explain Wall Street transactions or where our bailout money actually is.

Unfortunately he never gets an audience, let alone a second on the phone, with any CEOs or someone on the level of an Alan Greenspan. Love Moore or hate him, you will learn a bit about the crisis we are in, although no possible solutions are offered.  Chances are you’ll end up feeling enlightened, yet even more depressed about the state of the economy and the puppeteers who pull the strings.

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