Mr. Beer Community Site Opens

img beermaiden Mr. Beer just opened their new community brewing site. Mr. Beer is a brewing kit designed to be the easiest to use home brewing system. Mr. Beer offers Brew Kits and refills along with a large recipe database, that are easy to use and makes brewing easier than you would believe. The community site includes a forum where brewers can discuss their techniques, and come up with new recipes, “What’s Hoppening” a beer and brewing news section, and “The Brewer’s Assistant” a place where you can find help and answers to all your brewing questions. According to Mr. Beer:

“This community is built around the idea that Mr.BeerĀ® brewers should have one place to go to find anything they need to know about making great beer at home. We started with our existing blog, which offered news, random musings, recipes, and various other brewing-related articles, videos, pictures, and jokes; then we added to that an extensive glossary of brewing terms, and a Knowledge Center with answers to questions about all things Mr.BeerĀ®. Next, we plugged in our Brew News articles and tacked on a forum, where brewers can log in and communicate directly with one another.”

A great place to find even more advanced information on brewing with Mr. Beer and beyond is Mr Beer Fans. They offer forums on recipes, clone recipes, advanced home-brewing and more.

I’ve been brewing with Mr. Beer for over 2 years now, and I’ve made some great (and not so great) beer with it. I’m going to write a Mr. Beer Brewing guide soon, and review some recipes here on I’m also going to write a brewing all-grain beer with Mr Beer guide soon (also on, since I’ve recently brewed my first batch of all-grain beer.