Muppet Bust Winners and Losers

SideshowBusts 560x350Several years ago, Sideshow Collectibles released 20 limited edition Muppet polystone busts. Originally costing between $40 and $60, they’re sold out and now collectibles. They made between 3000 and 5000 of each.

Now, we present the current winners and losers in this collection.

Most Valuable


Limited to 3000 for $50 each, Dr. Teeth is now worth $250. Seriously. Why? No idea.

Least Valuable



Tie: Lew Zealand and Beauregard. Both were limited to 5000 for $55. Their current value? $40.

You’d Think They’d Be Worth the Same

8005R 8011R

Statler originally cost $41.25 (seriously), and Waldorf, $45, both limited to 5000. Their value today? $110 for Statler, and $140 for Waldorf. Seriously, there is a $30 difference in value between two guys who virtually belong together? Do some collectors have one and not the other? If there are any two busts that need to sell as a pair, it’s these.

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One That Should Be Worth More

8019Animal was limited to only 3000 for $50 each. He is one of the most popular Muppets, so I have no idea why this is only worth $135 while Dr. Teeth is $250.

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Most Essential


Limited to 5000 for a high $60, the Swedish Chef is one of the Muppet Show’s funniest characters. This item doesn’t even need to go on the mantle in the living room. It would look much better on the mantle in the kitchen. It’s currently worth $135.

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Most Essential #2


Also limited to 5000 for $60, Beaker is now worth $170 and works fine on a mantle without Dr. Bunsen Honeydew. That guy is worth a high $90 from a pool of 5000 at $55 each.

All of these numbers are subject to change and are based on the information given by, which compiles and averages auctions. See the prices here.