Muppet ‘Shops

Before we go on here, some of you are probably asking yourselves, “Muppet ‘Shops? The Hell?” Well, it’s kind of like “mutton chops,” except it’s only like that because they sound the same. Here’s a graphical demonstration.

muppetchop 560x1120

Incidentally, these ‘Shops aren’t necessarily so much about ‘quality’ as they are about excessive use of utter silliness. Trust me.



Kermit’s my favorite wrestler.

swedish chef1

Oscar is contaminating that kitchen.

eagle sam flag

I want you! For the U.S. Coast Guard – the Military’s Party Department.


This one is awesome, but I can’t take credit it for it. It’s from a picture I found and cut out - it’s arguably the best Halloween costume ever.


Statler and Waldorf go to Washington to lay down the law.


It’s uh Pepe the Martin Luther King Prawn, eh.

mspiggyidol 560x420

Miss Piggy is trying out her hand at judging talent, given how much she has.