Five Amazing Museum Restaurants

Museum Restaurant 560x315What are some of the things most tourists want to do when they visit a new place or even better a new country? Walk the streets and admire the architecture, visit monuments and museums, learn anything they can about the culture and history of the specific location and of course taste the local goodies and traditional dishes, are definitely some of the “must do” things in every visitor’s list. Well the single ladies and gentlemen often tend to have different priorities, but that’s not the topic of our list.

If you could combine some of these things, especially culture with food, then you would save valuable time and maybe money too, while your visit would get a lot easier and less tiring. We proudly present five of the best Restaurant-Museums combos around the world, where you can not only feed your spirit but your stomach too, with some of the most delicious cuisine.

Museo-Atelier Canova Tadolini in Rome

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If you are looking for a truly unique place to feed your body and soul, the Museo Atelier Canova Tadolini is just the right place for you. Surrounded by huge sculptures, this graphic little place is a surrealistic cross between a library, art gallery, museum and restaurant; you probably have never seen something like this before.

As for the food? It’s Italian… is there a chance of it not being good? The highlight of this place is definitely the breakfast, and if you have ever been in Rome, then you know that every hotel receptionist will suggest it for your morning coffee. Cappuccino with latte, Panini, Croissants with praline, eggs with bacon and many different fresh juices will make your day and give you strength to continue your tour in Rome.

Some might complain about the rushed (and sometimes rude) staff, or how all food portions are disappointing and small for their price, but we still suggest it and think that the decoration and atmosphere alone is fascinating enough to make you forget about every other bad note.

Ray’s and Stark Bar at L.A. Museum of Art

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With 100,000 objects dating from ancient times to the present, the Los Angeles County Museum of Art is the largest art museum in the Western United States. A museum of international stature and fame, as well as a vital part of Southern California, LACMA shares its vast collections through exhibitions, public programs, and research facilities that attract nearly a million visitors annually.

stark bar 560x336Very few know that LACMA has a gem hidden though, the restaurant known as Ray’s and Stark. It has neat modern decor that fits nicely into the museum setting, while the menu exceeds in ambition even the museum’s endless art collection. Squid Ink Pasta, Sage Pizza, Benedict Burger and Toffee are some of the restaurant’s specialties and if you want to combine good food with encyclopedic collection of art, special exhibitions, music, film and educational programs, then you know where to go.

Hermitage Restaurant in Saint Petersburg

Winter Palace Hermitage Museum 560x310

The Hermitage Restaurant’s two menus and ten dining rooms, each with its own thematic décor inspired by the museum’s collection, allow visitors to choose their own adventure. The restaurant’s Russian and European food, prepared according to time-honored recipes but served in a modern style, will satisfy the most demanding gourmet taste.

The Hermitage Winter Palace3 560x420

During summer months the restaurant has one more open-air hall in Palace Square, which offers an amazing view of the already amazingly beautiful city of St. Petersburg. The only drawback is the price, as it’s possibly the most expensive restaurant on this list. Don’t say we didn’t warn you!

Le Georges at Centre Pompidou in Paris

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Paris’ premier cultural center, Centre Georges Pompidou, has amazed visitors since it was inaugurated in 1977. On the ground floor, the Forum du Centre Pompidou has temporary exhibitions and information desks, while the 4th and 5th floors house the Musée National d’Art Moderne, France’s national collection of art dating from 1905 onward. A fraction of the 65,000-plus works by 5700 artists – including the work of the surrealists and cubists, as well as pop art and contemporary works – are on display.

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For the ones who appreciate their stunning views with great cuisine, Les Georges restaurant might be the highlight of the museum. And how can it not be? The restaurant offers one of the most amazing views as you are looking out onto the rooftops of Paris, while at the same time you can sip some of the best French wine (they are famous for their great quality of wine), usually accompanied by salted almonds and olives. If you visit during the later hours, the view out to the Parisian skyline veiled in the light afternoon drizzle, makes it even a more memorable and romantic experience. This is an ideal destination for honeymoons.

Of course the menu includes way more dishes, and any of the salads and desserts cannot be missed, but the view and the good wine that the restaurant is offering you, is what takes your senses to another level.

Acropolis Museum Restaurant in Athens

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The new Acropolis Museum of Athens needs no recommendations really; it has been voted as the best museum in the world for 2010 and 2011, while for 2012 and 2013 was included in the top 3. It has received nearly 4 million people from 70 different countries in the past 3 and a half years, while its sculptures, statues and coins are some of the most significant and valuable in the history of mankind as a whole.

kafe estiatorio 0 560x233

What’s even better news? All this can be combined with good Greek food and an amazing view. The restaurant is actually the second floor of the unique Acropolis Museum, where you can admire the grace of Classical Greek sculpture. What you need to consider is that all these magnificent pieces of sculpture were found on the Sacred Acropolis Rock after so many ages of warfare destruction and looting. The view is amazing, the interior decoration is minimal and the menu offers a wide variety of Greek cuisine and healthy Mediterranean diet: Greek salad, boiled greens, pasta with chicken, broccoli and bulgur, moussaka, lamb with potatoes, various Greek cheeses & salads and of course Baklava for dessert and Greek coffee. If you want to dine next to Greek Gods and mythical heroes, then Acropolis museum is waiting for you.