Music of ‘The Hobbit’

hobbit header

The long-awaited arrival of The Hobbit this coming December won’t just come as a relief to Lord of the Rings fans, but also to those who find the soundtrack for the original trilogy to be simply amazing. When most people think of awesome soundtracks, they think of Star Wars or Jaws, but if they listen carefully to Howard Shore’s award-winning music, they’ll find something that rivals the most famous tunes of all time.

Fortunately for those eagerly awaiting the new movie – and the soundtrack – the trailer contains original music. This is somewhat unusual because scores are rarely ready for original trailers and instead contain music from other films. While there is music from the original trilogy in The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey trailer, it also contains a song by the dwarves, “Misty Mountains (Cold),” and presumably the new theme.

Of course, the new soundtrack is not yet available, but anyone who can rip it from YouTube should have something to enjoy until it’s for sale. Let’s also hope they’ll release an expanded soundtrack like they did with the original trilogy. Despite the $50-$75 cost of those multi-disc sets, music lovers won’t think twice about plunking down that kind of money.

Here’s “Misty Mountains (Cold)” on its own:

That, apparently, is enough for this fan to put it to sheet music and play it on piano:

Here’s the cover on my new favorite musical instrument – the harp, featuring Camille and Kennerly, the Harp Twins:

Here’s a guy playing it on the flute (only if you’re interested in clicking off-site)

And a woman singing (not a dwarf woman, though)

Excited? Now, for the best part. An exclusive video of Howard Shore and Peter Jackson making the soundtrack. Okay, maybe not, but fans will enjoy it anyway.