“My Way” Might Just Be Your Swan Song In The Phillipines

frank sinatra

We hate karaoke for a lot of reasons, but by far the biggest is when some drunk gets up there and proceeds to mangle a classic song with his beer-sodden howling. However, we don’t go quite as far as the Philippines, where karaoke is not only incredibly popular, killing people who screw up Sinatra’s classic “My Way” is almost as popular. Soccer as a pastime comes in third.

Opinions vary on why Old Blue Eyes is the Phillippine Harbinger of Death, ranging from just the fact that the song is so popular in a country where you can literally find karaoke machines sitting in fields and alleys to the idea that the lyrics boost people’s egos and make them pick fights they can’t win. We like to think it’s because Sinatra’s ghost takes vengeance on those who mangle his legacy, which they should totally make into a movie.