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Gunaxin Header 560x315%nameNaming a business can be a difficult endeavor. While you want your business name to convey what your business does, you also want it to be unique and memorable. The folks at Name.Kitchen know all about naming businesses, and asked us to share with you the story behind how we named Gunaxin. With millions of businesses in the world, it’s true that nearly all of the names are taken, which is why you see some companies resorting to making up words. Most people assume that Gunaxin is a made up word, however it’s actually a Unami (Delaware Native American Language) word which means to be big. We chose the name because it is unique, we’ll never have a brand or trademark conflict, however it also means something relevant to the site. When we formed Gunaxin we brought many different ideas for smaller blogs together into a single online magazine, thus making something bigger than the sum of its parts.

Gunaxin Logo

An early Gunaxin logo

A big challenge with the name Gunaxin though, is that nobody immediately knows what it means, and it’s not instantly known what type of company or website we are. In some respects, this is a good thing. There are no preconceived notions, and we’ve been able to define the brand from scratch over our 7 year history. However it surely would have been a bit easier to gain brand recognition if our name or domain immediately screamed out exactly what we do. Unlike many companies that use unknown words to name their business, we don’t have a budget of millions to help define the brand name to potential customers.

Like most business websites established over the past 30 years, we registered our .com address, and are often times referred to as, as if the TLD (top-level domain) of .com were actually part of our company’s name. At the time, there weren’t really many choices of alternatives. With so many websites fighting over .com addresses, it’s become really tough to get the domain you want, and many companies have been forced to pay ridiculous fees to purchase domain names critical for their business needs. So in recent years you may have noticed advertising for new top-level domains, like .co or .tv. The interesting thing about those choices, is that they’re actually country codes, originally intended for websites within those specific countries, Colombia and Tuvalu respectively. We actually have a domain name registered in India,, that we use for short URLs on Twitter and other social media.

51959004 560x298After realizing all of these challenges to Internet naming, in late 2013 ICANN began rolling out an amazing new world of choice for naming websites. Hundreds of new domain endings are now available that are actually words to the right of the dot. These ‘not-com’ options have obvious benefits, including memorability, meaning and creativity. Choices like .PIZZA, .FLORIST and .COFFEE immediately conjure images to the consumer where .com simply does not. Just imagine if the website you are currently reading was named Gunaxin.magazine instead of, how much more that would clearly convey what it is that we do. As these “not com” choices are new, many of the very best names are still available to be registered.

We all know that better names are more memorable names. Choosing a great name for your business or project is an important, significant decision. Name.Kitchen offers tips, advice and inspiration to help you jump-start the name brainstorm. Check out an inspirational business naming example from their “I am.____” video series below :

Name.Kitchen takes a 360-degree approach to naming; expect a blend of business, human interest and pop culture. After all, every name has a story — and those stories may influence the next name you bestow upon something or someone. Kitchen, powered by Donuts, provides a kitchen atmosphere around the subject of name creation. It is especially geared toward entrepreneurs (aka “business chefs”) scratching their heads for ideas. We offer inspiration on cooking up that perfect identity.

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not com cloud 560x293This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Name.Kitchen.