Name.Kitchen: Every Name Has a Story


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Photo: Driftaway Coffee

Every business name has a story. This summer we told you the story behind the naming of Gunaxin, and thanks to the folks at Name.Kitchen, we’re again taking a closer look at the topic of naming a business. Today, we’re exploring the story behind the coffee subscriptions service,, but first we want to re-introduce you to Name.Kitchen.

Name.Kitchen 560x280After 30 years of stagnancy, there is an amazing new world of choice in naming on the Internet. There are now hundreds of new “not-com” choices available today – everything from .COFFEE to .LIFE, that allow you to create a memorable and meaningful domain name. Name.Kitchen is an online hub that celebrates the art and science of naming, and allows you to get cooking by claiming your new domain name.

In their “I am.___” video series, Name.Kitchen showcases businesses leveraging naming creativity and innovation, and one of our favorites is Check out their interesting story in the short video below.

Suyog Mody and Anu Menon are the husband wife couple from Brooklyn who ditched their corporate careers to create something from scratch, much like we did here at Gunaxin. Inspired by other startups and countless TED Talks, the couple took the entrepreneurial leap and created a coffee subscription service that delivers fresh-roasted coffee personalized to your palette.

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Photo : Driftaway Coffee

The name Driftaway relates to the feeling you get when you drink a cup of coffee on a weekend morning at home when you have a little bit of time to enjoy it. The name also relates to how coffee can travel for thousands of miles before it gets to you, which is why they tag their coffee (like vintage airline tags) to show where it came from. So nope, their coffee company wasn’t named after the Dobie Gray song, but that doesn’t have to stop you from singing it while you enjoy their product.

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Photo : Driftaway Coffee

Originally Suyog and Anu registered the domain name,, but disliked how it doesn’t convey the message of what they do. So when .coffee was announced, they pre-ordered their unique new domain name. Switching their domain to a .coffee has been a great conversation starter with those curious about their two-year-old business, and it provides a more obvious digital storefront. “We are an online business exclusively selling online,” says Mody. “It’s a URL that implies what we do.” You can read more about in their interview at Name.Kitchen.

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Name.Kitchen.