Ten Obscure Types of Pasta

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Ya know, I like to complain about this superfluous days that have taken over our calendar and seem to pop up out of nowhere, but this National Pasta Day is a day I can get behind. Why? Well first off, I’m a huge fan of eating in general. It should come as little surprise to those who have seen pictures of me that I’m not one to let daily monotony get in the way of things like feasting and incessant and excessive food intake. It’s who I am and I stand proud. Secondly, pasta is by far one of my favorite foods. Since I am a cook, I have myriad ways to prepare and enjoy pasta, and we here in the Miller household partake of its starchy goodness at least twice a week. In short: National Pasta Day might quickly become my favorite non-commercial holiday of all time. Yum.

So, what am I going to write about for National Pasta Day? You are doubtlessly questioning right about now? Well, hows about ten different types of pasta that one doesn’t regularly see on their Mega-Mart shelves. Sound good? That’s right… it sounds delicious!


Means: Little Beards (um... yum?)

pasta nest plain lrg


Meaning: Ear Bread (that's just... awful)

3188pelmeni 560x361


Meaning: Shoestring-Like (the pasta that ties itself)

stringozzi 560x390

Occhi di Lupo

Meaning: Wolf Eyes (all the better to see you with as it heads down your throat)

occhi di lupo ai funghi 560x420

Biáng Biáng Noodles

Meaning: Wide-cut ribboned rice noodles (how can you not love that name?)

biang1 560x420

Fusilli Bucati

Means: Holed Rifles (giving new meaning to 'shot in the mouth')

fusillibucati 560x420


Meaning: German for mouth pocket (wait, what?)

Maultasche Kartoffelsalat 560x373


Meaning: Refers to the shape of the antennae of cartoon martians (seriously)

marziatti 560x373

Mezzi Bombardoni

Meaning: Half-bombards (because full-bombards is just too powerful)

mezzi bombardoni alla marchigiana 560x420


Meaning: Priest chokers (presumably referring to collars and not serial killers of the Cloth)

strozzapreti02 560x420