NBC Renews Community For Season Four

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It's a big thumbs up for season 4.

After Community was abruptly pulled from NBC’s Thursday night schedule last December, rumors of its untimely demise began to circulate throughout TV insider circles. Even when it returned in March to record ratings, the Internet scuttlebutt still had the groundbreaking series on life support. Word on the blogs was it might be three seasons and done. Alas, none of that poppycock was official, but this report from Deadline very much is.

The cult NBC/Sony Pictures TV comedy series has been renewed for next season with a 13-episode order.

Bitchin’. Now, 13 episodes isn’t 22, but there is a remote chance more installments could be ordered if it performs well early on. Nobody knows for certain. Since NBC execs employ the dartboard method to pick which shows get renewed or dumped, predicting the future of anything in their lineup is akin to guessing what number between 1 and 100 I’m thinking of right now… it was 26. If you got it right, send a resume to NBC immediately. You’ll probably be named Head of Programming within three months.