Which NCAA Tournament Team Has the Weirdest Mascot?

mascots header 560x371The Field of 64 68 is set. And by the looks of the brackets, it has the potential to be a tough road for some of the country’s elite teams. Kentucky against defending champion Connecticut in the second-round? Syracuse vs. a dangerous Kansas State team? Missouri taking on Florida? But enough about the matchups that might not even happen. Let’s talk mascots. We’ve got everything from an Aggie to a Wildcat, but those are boring. We like the bizarre and the odd. So, which NCAA Tournament team has the weirdest mascot?

St. Louis Billikens

mascots billikenA Billiken is a charm doll that in its original incarnation looked like a cross between an elf and Buddha. It’s said to bring luck, which is exactly what St. Louis will need to advance far in the West Region.

St. Bonaventure Bonnies

mascots bonnies 560x379The surprising Atlantic 10 tourney champs used to be the Brown Indians from 1927-1992, but actual brown Indians didn’t like that, so the Bona Fantaic was born, which everyone rightfully loathed. Now, the mascot is a Bona Wolf(?). I grew up five miles from St. Bonaventure. It ain’t wolf country. A friar dressed in robes would be better.

Miss. Valley State Delta Devils

mascots devils 560x516What in the Sam Hill is a Delta Devil? It looks like a comic book supervillain, but I’m sure it has something to do with Mississippi blues icon Robert Johnson, who, according to legend, sold his soul to the man in red in exchange for musical talent. Whatever the case, it will take a deal with Lucifer for Valley State to win more than a game.

St. Mary’s Gaels

mascots gaels 560x408Meet Gael Force One. Clever wordplay, eh? He’s a ten-foot tall giant of Scottish/Irish origin. Sure he is. C’mon, he looks like friggin Thor, or at the very least a juiced up pro wrestler. I’d love to see him and Michigan State’s Sparty go mano a mano. That would be epic.

Western Kentucky Hilltoppers

mascots hilltoppersHow can you not love Big Red? His head is shaped like a hill, get it? Yeah, neither do I, but this big fat blob of fun puts distant cousin Grimace to shame. Behold the athleticism! Hopping on one leg? It’s uncanny.

South Dakota State Jackrabbits

mascots jackrabbitSorry, but whenever I hear the word Jackrabbit, I can’t help but think of this seminal scene:

I don’t know squat about the Jackrabbits, but I’m feeling a slim opening round victory.

Wichita State Shockers

mascots shockersCheck out this crazy fuc*er. A “shocker” is someone who harvests wheat, but damn if he don’t look like he stuck his finger in a light socket. He’s the Frankenstein monster with wheat stalks for hair. Something tells me he does one helluva keg stand too.

Overall, it’s a solid group of weirdness, My personal favorite is ol’ Shocky up there, but they all have merit.