New Rise of the Planet of the Apes Trailer

rise of the planet of the apes movie images 12 560x231

The James Franco Planet of the Apes reboot called The Rise of the Planet of the Apes has a brand spankin’ new trailer. This one hails from foreign lands, which simply means it’s produced for international audiences. I never understood why we need to have different trailers for different countries. Are French and Indonesian folks incapable of comprehending American teasers? Sure, some things might not translate, but in the case of Apes, I seriously doubt two and a half minutes of crazed simians wreaking havoc on San Francisco is tough to figure out. Based on the above pic alone, I might watch the flick just to see if that gorilla brings down the chopper, or gets shredded into tiny bits.

The video below is another good example. It’s in Japanese, so I have no idea what the hell this girl is saying. What I can tell though is that this chimpanzee is playing Far Cry 2 better than your 13-year-old little brother. Apparently this is a clip provided to Director Rupert Wyatt, so that he would understand how apes move and behave. If this is how much chimps have evolved since Project X, we’re all in deep shit: