A New Season of Arrested Development?

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Here we go again. It seems like we can’t go a month without new rumors surfacing about the triumphant return of Arrested Development. This latest story comes from the mouth of series creator Mitchell Hurwitz, which at least lends credence to it being more than a pipe dream. [Via EW]

Hurwitz told attendees at the New Yorker Festival Sunday in New York that he wanted to shoot nine to 10 episodes that would air next fall and catch audiences up on the characters’ lives since the series ended in 2006 on Fox. The episodes would be produced by 20th Century Fox TV, which was responsible for the original single camera series that starred Jason Bateman, Michael Cera, and Portia DeRossi.

The fresh installments would act as a lead-up to the much talked about theatrical movie. That’s not all, folks. Hurwitz envisions each episode focusing on one main character at a time.  Interesting idea, but will it really happen? Tease your hardcore fans, Mitchell.

“I really have to say, we’ve talked about this, we’re all game, we hated be coy, we’ve been trying to put together this more ambitious idea and I think we’re very close, the script is halfway done and we have to get the film companies on board,” Hurwitz continued. “They’ve always been great to us but you know times are tough and money is tight but I’m very hopeful , there is business left to be done but creatively we have a very specific plan of how it would come out and what we would do and when we would shoot it. Our hope is that, perhaps the series is in the fall.”

The words “trying”, “hopeful” and “perhaps” don’t instill a lot of confidence. Hurwitz is basically saying if all the stars align and nobody bitches about money, it could happen. Uh, okay.

I have no doubt that Hurwitz and the cast are itching to resurrect the show, but let’s be real. As rabid as the Arrested Development fan club is, the series was a ratings failure and has been off the air for five years. Until a deal is inked and principal photography starts, all this chatter is nothing more than wishful thinking.