News Anchor DERP Faces

Derp 111 560x306

DERP faces. There really is no need for explanation other than to say: DERP. It’s all in the word. But, just in case you don’t know, just type DERP into Google. Now look at all the images. As far as I know there aren’t any (or at least not many) focused entirely on the DERP faces that News Anchors make. Trust me, just scour YouTube for a while and you’ll see. Well, here’s twenty to get you going. DERP!

Derp 1 560x286

Derp 2 560x255

Derp 3 560x255

Derp 4

Derp 5 560x305

Derp 6 560x306

Derp 7 560x309

Derp 8 560x302

Derp 9 560x301

Derp 10 560x310

Derp 11 560x306

Derp 12 560x304

Derp 13 560x306

Derp 14 560x306

Derp 15 560x305

Derp 16 560x302

Derp 17 560x242

Derp 18 560x303

Derp 19 560x305

Derp 20 560x303