NFL Free Agency Idiocy

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When free agency opened, it also simultaneously opened the opportunity for NFL organizations to make incredibly stupid decisions, which they did in an absolute frenzy.

Let’s start in Carolina, where the Panthers made every effort to bring as many of their players back from last year. They went out of their way to do this, wildly overpaying for one year wonder Charles Johnson, a player who before last year had 10 sacks in 3 seasons, and running back DeAngelo Williams, when they have two other capable backs on their roster. The problem with Carolina bringing back as many people as possible is that they were 2-14 last year. Simple logic would seem to dictate bringing in as many new players possible, not bringing the same old gang together to lose 14 more games. Hey, it is okay though they did find a way to sign quarterback Derek Anderson, who should be a great mentor to rookie Cam Newton.

What about the Oakland Raiders making sure they had enough money for Kamerion Wimbley, the very definition of an average defensive player but then letting their best player from the past few years, tight end Zach Miller, leave for Seattle?

Speaking of Seattle, the Seahawks have clearly decided to invest their future in Tavaris Jackson, by signing him to be their starting quarterback. Yes, that Tavaris Jackson from Minnesota who throws interceptions at such a high frequency, some are starting to speculate that he is color blind. They did sign Sidney Rice for him to throw passes to, ignoring their recent history of overpaying for average wide receivers. Did they forget about Darrell Jackson, Deion Branch, and TJ Houshmandzadah? What happened to learning from previous mistakes?

What else?

The Miami Dolphins pursuing Kyle Orton long enough to make it clear they have no faith in Chad Henne but then never actually pulling the trigger on the trade.

The Tampa Bay Bucs having the most money to spend of anybody in the league, yet still letting quality linebacker Barrett Rudd get away and then promptly spending 19 million dollars on punter Michael Koenen.

The Indianapolis Colts investing 90 million dollars in Peyton Manning and then not making sure they brought the tackle back who protects his blindside despite having the money to do so. Charlie Johnson signed with the Vikings.

The Arizona Cardinals giving a Kevin Kolb a 63 million dollar contact when he has seven career starts and a quarterback rating of 73.2.

Here we thought the lockout was bad, but apparently they owners were storing up their idiocy, for the start of free agency.