NFL Week 5: Good, Bad & Ugly

Carolina 560x283

The Good

skins 75x75Thanks to a phenomenal effort from the TopCats (pictured above), the Carolina Panthers came away with their first win of the season. Even though it was a come from behind victory over the lowly Redskins, the Panthers will take it.

cinci 75x75How about the Cincinnati Bengals? If Brandon Stokley hadn’t caught that deflected pass in the closing seconds against the Broncos then the Bengals would be undefeated at 5-0. Since defensive coordinator Mike Zimmer’s wife passed away unexpectedly on Thursday night, it was truly an emotional win for a franchise that now appears to be headed in the right direction after several years of being a punchline.

The Bad

cleve2 75x75Cleveland Browns starting quarterback Derek Anderson played the entire game and only completed two passes for a QB Rating of 15.1%.

Ochocinco1 75x75Ray Lewis tried to take Chad Ochocinco’s head off with a late hit to the helmet in the closing minutes and the personal foul penalty played a big role in the Bengals dramatic win.

The Ugly

GarrardJags 75x75Jack Del Rio’s Jaguars didn’t even bother to show up in Seattle and the Seahawks slaughtered Jacksonville 41-0.

Rams 75x75The St. Louis Rams were blown out once again thanks to several costly turnovers. In a related story, prospective owner Rush Limbaugh overdosed on Oxycontin while watching the game on television and was rushed to a local hospital for treatment.

Bills 75x75Dick Jauron looks like a stage III cancer patient on the sidelines and his team is playing like it only has a few weeks to live. Unless the Buffalo Bills miraculously turn things around during the next few weeks, Jauron is as good as gone.

Bucs 75x75The Tampa Bay Buccaneers are winless and the team’s future prospects are so bleak that head coach Raheem Morris is thinking about throwing in the towel and returning to the world of rap music. Wait, he isn’t the well known rap artist?

Raiders 560x389

The Norvie

JaMarcus Russell took home the Norvie Award last week and the entire Oakland Raiders team is the unanimous winner in week 5. In a 44-7 loss to the New York Giants, Team Dysfuntion gained less than 150 total yards and looked completely lifeless. Perhaps this has something to do with their head coach facing felony assault charges and possible jail time. Have the Raiders finally hit rock bottom? Only time will tell…