Film Your Friends With the NHL and NBA Flip Video

NBA Flip Camcorder family 2

Just in time for Christmas, you can now show your NHL or NBA team spirit on Cisco’s Flip Video. The Flip continues to be the most affordable and convenient solution to filming HD video of your friends and family as they sit around the television watching games. For journalists and bloggers, it’s great for recording interviews and press conferences.

As a reporter, having used the Flip Video for the past few seasons to film quirky interviews with the Washington Capitals, I’ve found there’s really no easier way of creating video to put onto Youtube. Getting the video onto the computer is quick, as each camera has a pop-out USB arm. It’s also got an HDMI port for watching what you shot on television. You can even watch your video on the screen, and scan through what you recorded like photos on a digital camera. Recharge the removable batteries while it’s plugged into the computer, or if you run out of juice and aren’t around an outlet, swap them out for others.

The best feature? These all shoot in high definition, and there are several models available:

  • UltraHD 4GB | 1 hour $149.99
  • UltraHD 8GB | 2 hours $199.99
  • MinoHD 4GB | 1 hour $179.99
  • MinoHD 8GB | 2 hours $229.99
  • SlideHD 16GB | 4 hours $229.99

Get your NHL or NBA Flip Video from the Flip Video store.

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