Nica Sunrise Bluetooth Headset

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There are many Bluetooth gadgets on the market and I thought they were all the same. That was until I had a chance to check out the Nica Sunrise from Maverick.

The Nica Sunrise headset brings a new era of hands-free simplicity and style for the active lifestyle. The Nica Sunrise maximizes comfort with a light, thin and circular design. When I put the Nica in my ear it felt light and was not constricting on my ear. After an hour I forgot that I had the Sunrise in my ear until I got a call. The compact headset measures 1-4/10 inches in diameter and 1/2-inch deep which is thin enough that it won’t interfere with your glasses. And it weighs a mere 1/2 ounce. A dedicated sliding power switch makes it easy to tell when the headset is on or off. The main call button is also easy to locate.

The Nica Sunrise features a 13-millimeter speaker which is larger than those on most traditional headsets. The Sunrise provides clear and full audio. You get -12dB of digital noise-suppression technology cancels out background noise, enhancing your ability to hear and be heard, even when talking outdoors or in noisy environments. This was a huge bonus for me so that no matter where I was I was able to carry on a conversation. Plus, other Bluetooths that I have tried in the past does not measure up with the Sunrise.

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Maverick created the Nica with open-air acoustics allow the headset to be worn comfortably for longer periods because there is no ear insert pressing on the ear canal. When I first looked at the Nica it reminded me of my headphones that I use on my iPod. It was great to see a company add style with function to a Bluetooth set that doesn’t look like you are working for a covert squad on a mission. The Nica comes in all black or all red.

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It can be conveniently charged in the car, in the office or from your PC by attaching magnetically to any of Maverick’s three charging dock options. So wherever you are you will be able to charge the Nica Sunrise. The front of the Car Dock Charger rotates up to reveal an auxiliary cigarette jack and includes the nicaConnect feature which triggers the headset to reconnect to the mobile phone as soon as the user starts the car which is  just like a built-in hands free system.

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Set up is a snap. I charged the Nica Sunrise for about 40 minutes before using it for the first time. Then my phone was able to connect with the Nica with one touch on my phone that picked up the Nica connecting signal. The Nica comes with the following items: A Bluetooth headset, two ear clips (left and right), rechargeable lithium polymer battery, mini charger, USB AC adapter, and user manual.

The Nica Sunrise is now available for $79.95 at The Nica Sunrise as well as the Car Dock charger ($29.95) and the Desk Dock charger ($19.95) are available at For more information on the Nica Sunrise and charging dock solutions visit