NJOY Flavored Vaping E-Liquids

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of NJOY. All opinions are 100% mine.

hero a4cab72b6601e4525d8a9dda9535f291 E-Cigarettes and Vaping are big businesses these days, and we get approached by many companies looking for us to cover their products. Normally we pass, because most aren’t a good fit for us here at Gunaxin. However we’ve never encountered a vaping company as clearly focused as NJOY when it comes to what their mission is :

NJOY is America’s largest independent e-cigarette and vaping company. Our mission is to obsolete combustible cigarettes completely. We are not owned by Big Tobacco and we never will be. We believe that the vaping and e-cigarette industry can change the world and we are proud to stand with our customers and partners to take part in the movement.

That is a goal we can get behind, especially when they tell us they are dedicated to the eradication of tobacco related illness. While vaping or electronic smoking isn’t something we engage in, we’re excited about the changes it brings to the adult smoking public. NJOY is equally dedicated to being responsible corporate citizens :

We are 100% committed to setting the highest standards for corporate responsibility related to the prevention of use of our products by people under the legal age, transparency and disclosure related to the ingredients contained in and the processes involved in manufacturing of our products, and the advancement of scientific evidence related to the potential benefits associated with the use of our products as an alternative to traditional tobacco products.

A superior alternative to combustible tobacco now exists thanks to technological advancements. Check out how their product works in the video below:

We’re particularly intrigued by NJOY’s line of flavored vaping e-liquids. They come in a variety of flavors like vanilla bean, pomegranate, blood orange, peach tea, butter crunch, and even single malt scotch.

hero d6965f7a4fdff9af1ac315acc35318a4 560x290 What has been your experience with e-cigarettes? Have you tried vaping or NJOY’s e-liquids? If so, which is your favorite flavor? #NJOYVape