A Notre Dame Fan’s Look at the Title Game

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As part of our look at tonight’s NCAA title tilt between Notre Dame and Alabama, we’ve asked a fan of each program to give their (biased) assessment of the teams, how they match up, and a prediction for the outcome.

Our Irish entry comes from Brodie Daugherty, a recent Notre Dame grad and accountant: [Editor’s Note: The following was submitted with a demand for rights fees and a separate section exclusively for Notre Dame content]

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While Alabama is a fine program, they don’t have what it takes to match up with Notre Dame in tonight’s epic BCS Title Game. Alabama comes into the game as the champion of the Southeastern Conference, a fine and noble institution, but Notre Dame is already the national champion, being the only school that plays a truly national schedule. In fact, Notre Dame is an international champion, having beating Navy in Ireland to start the season.

Notre Dame Touchdown JesusWhat Alabama fans don’t understand is that Notre Dame is destined to win this game. We have been blessed by God and Touchdown Jesus all season, as they steered our way against a vaunted murderers row of opponents to get us to this match-up with the heathens from Tuscaloosa.

Joe Montana Notre Dame

Alabama may well claim 14 National Titles, but none are as significant as those held by Notre Dame. We aren’t just a school that wins championships, we create champions. Our athletes are more noble, more intelligent and more worthy of success than those of any other institution.

Rudy Notre Dame

And it’s not just this year’s team that faces off against Alabama tonight. It’s the history of the Notre Dame football program, including names like Joe Montana, Lou Holtz and Rudy, that will carry us to victory. We are the better team, the better school and the better men, and that will be proven on the field.

Final Score: Notre Dame 30 – Alabama 14