Obama Plays Football. Daniel Snyder Interested

obama headerThose intrepid TMZ douchebags paparazzi captured President Obama tossing the ol’ pigskin around while vacationing in Hawaii last weekend. Donning nothing but a red cap and baggy shorts, the commander-in-chief of quarterbacking put on his own personal combine workout with several NFL scouts lurking in the sand dunes nearby.

Gunaxin’s resident draft expert, Ted McTangible, took time to analyze Obama’s strengths and weaknesses.

obama 1McTangible: I’m seeing a lot of positives here. His footwork is excellent. Ball is in the proper position at mid-chest, shoulders are square and head is up, looking downfield. I would suggest he invest in a leg press though. Those calves are scrawny.

obama 2McTangible: I’d prefer his feet to be further apart here, but the ball is still in a good position. He stands tall in the pocket and appears poised.

obama 3McTangible: He’s leaning too much on his back foot. That right leg needs to be in the ground or the throw will lack velocity. Ball should be a touch higher too.

obama 4McTangible: Gets a good shoulder turn, releases the ball at its highest point and follows through nicely. Lead foot is aimed at the target. Overall, a solid, not spectacular throwing motion.

obama 5McTangilble: Really shows off his athleticism here. Escapes the pocket and keeps looking for an open receiver. You can’t teach that. You either have it or you don’t.

McTangible’s Grade: Must add muscle to his lower body. Technique is a bit sloppy, but proper coaching will fix that. Footwork needs polish. Average arm strength. Displays excellent mobility and vision. Is a hard worker. I’d give him a B-. Developmental quarterback with starter potential.

Projected Round: Late 3rd, early 4th.

Teams Interested: Redskins, Patriots and Eagles.