Off-Road Clubs Clean-Up Trails with Support of ExtremeTerrain

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In the past, off-roaders sometimes developed a bad reputation for wheeling in un-authorized areas and leaving destruction and trash behind. But for the most part, the organized off-roading community is very responsible, and formal clubs have been instrumental at cleaning up trails and advocating for low-impact wheeling. Our friends at ExtremeTerrain have been supporting these efforts since launching their Clean Trails Initiative back in 2015. The program seeks to reward local clubs and organizations with small, project-specific, grants to be used for trail maintenance and restoration. In the approximately 4 years since it started, the program has given out $21,650 in trail project grant funds.

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Cleaning and maintaining trails is key to 4×4 enthusiasts who wish to continue enjoying nature legally with their favorite hobby. Dozens of non-profit organizations filled with conscientious 4×4 owners organize programs to both maintain trails and educate the community on treading lightly with proper use of public and private lands.

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ExtremeTerrain’s Clean Trail Initiative program was designed with these very organizations in mind. The clubs and groups that are out in the woods, are the front-line ambassadors for the good name of law-abiding, conscientious members of the Jeep and 4×4 community. Therefore, any little bit of support that the e-comm parts company can supply to these great folks is helping to bridge the divide between non-motorized outdoor recreational enthusiasts and the OHV community.

As 2019 ramps up into the spring and summer season, the need to support trail clean-ups and stewardship increases. Therefore, ExtremeTerrain is rededicating itself to the program. Application for 2019 trail grants are being accepted right now! It is very easy to submit a grant request. Members of the ExtremeTerrain team will notify grant winners within just a few days and get a package of trail cleaning supplies shipped out soon thereafter.

Visit the ExtremeTerrain Clean Trail Initiative page for details about the program, and for a list of the 44 previous grant recipients, from all over the country.