Old Spice Brings the Funny, Again

maxresdefault 560x315Wow, I’m impressed by the sheer number of funny ads on the damn TV lately! First there’s the AT&T ads with the dude sitting around the table with the ragamuffins, second there is that amazing Dr. Pepper commercial that still makes me laugh out loud… but now there’s another. And it’s from the geniuses behind all those other great Old Spice ads. Check it out because not only is it stupid funny, it’s stupidly funny, too.

You just fall right into the tune, because so many other soaps and such have that irritating jingle that sticks with you… but as soon as you see the house and the voice over saying, “You’re the worst architect in the world”, it’s all over. I wrote that line and giggled a little bit. Let’s crown the new champion of Funniest Commercial on TV. Congrats, Old Spice. You win.

old spice architect 560x312