100 Lost Candies for Halloween

Halloween CandyCandy, like anything else sold, is often not long for this world. Special Editions and Limited Flavors come and go as frequently as the decisions to even make them. Often times, other states and even other countries get different styles than others and then they become even more impossible to find, even once. But that’s why the internet is so damn cool: nostalgia and even surprise especially when it comes to something like candies you’ve either never seen, or only have fond memories of.

So, for this Halloween, let’s take a look back at some long lost candies, and maybe even some you haven’t seen in ages. Maybe you remember receiving one of these long lost gems in your pumpkin or pillow case back in the day. There are 100 photos below, and we want to give a big thanks to coverbrowser.com. Head to the link and you’ll see why. Enjoy!