One Screen Challenge: A New Way to Play Mario

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If you had a proper childhood, you played a Mario game. Fact. It doesn’t matter which one because they’re all pretty great. However, it’s the original that’s considered to be one of the best games ever made and if you’ve never played it, or just want a shot of nostalgia, you’re in luck.

Mr Johan Peitz has lovingly recreated every level in the original game as a single screen puzzle. Turning the original game into a platformer you can play, for free! But at Gunaxin we’re pretty proud of how awesome we are at gaming and couldn’t recommend this without first completing it ourselves.

A2cGULmCQAADiUg1.jpg large1

We didn’t even break a sweat.

And we can say that it’s definitely worth a play, it may start easy, but it quickly starts to give you levels that make you want to punch your screen and scream, what the hell man?

A2cGULmCQAADiUg2.jpg large2

Seriously, what the hell?

So if you have a spare hour free, you should definitely give it a shot, if you have a spare week free you should try getting 3 stars on every level. We tried, but we stopped being able to see the screen due to the amount of punch marks and tears staining it. But if you’re one of the few people out there with the finger dexterity to actually pull it off, take a screenshot of that and show it to women, because damn, you’ve got skills.

A2cGULmCQAADiUg3.jpg large3

This didn’t even impress our mothers. Yours on the other hand.