Other People Brady Quinn Thinks Are Overrated

quinn header 560x379Benchwarming expert and sometimes Broncos quarterback Brady Quinn had some harsh words for teammate Tim Tebow in a recent GQ Magazine interview with Michael Silver. To paraphrase, he whined like a baby that Tebowmania unfairly stole the spotlight from him and alluded to Tebow being an overrated glory hound. Turns out,Tebow isn’t the only person or thing the mighty Quinn thinks is overrated. Here are some others.

Kate Upton

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Jeremy Lin

quinn lin 560x281

George Clooney

quinn clooney 560x281

Ron Swanson

quinn swanson 560x281

Uggie the Dog

quinn uggie2 560x281


quinn adele 560x281

The Walking Dead

quinn dead 560x281