OtterBox – Commuter Series Wallet

walletRemember when we used to carry bulky wallets? We had no where else to put information, so we crammed business cards, discount cards, gift cards, receipts, and even photographs into our wallet along with the money and the credit cards. It’s a phenomenon expertly portrayed in an episode of Seinfeld :

Things are moving more digital every day with our smartphones, which means the amount of paper and cards we need to carry has been greatly diminished. The folks at Otterbox have been paying attention to the trend, and have endeavored to eliminate that wallet from your back pocket all together, with their evolutionary Commuter Series Wallet :

  • The Commuter Series Wallet is a protective case with discrete storage within the phone’s case that allows for quick access to cash and credit cards.
  • The Commuter Series Wallet combines convenience, security and trusted OtterBox protection into pocket-friendly designs for the Apple iPhone 5/5s and Samsung GALAXY S4.
  • As the only wallet case on the market with a front-facing access drawer and audible click closure, this case gives you peace of mind knowing the items inside are safe, secure and for your eyes-only.

The OtterBox Commuter Series Wallet is available now for $44.95 at and select retail outlets.