Our President is Boring

barack obama speech

If there’s anything funnier than a kid making an ass of himself in full public view, I don’t wanna know what it is. Yet, if you want to trump that just a bit, why not add insult to injury by placing the kid at a Graduation Ceremony with a huge crowd of onlookers. Still not doin’ it for ya? Fine. I’ll see your sleepy kid (in the choir no less) and add the appearance of the President of the United States himself making a truly moving and inspiring speech. Better? Yeah, I thought so.

What makes this all the funnier for me is that it took place literally ten miles from my house at a stadium on Western Michigan University’s campus (Go Broncos!). You see, Kalamazoo Central High School won a contest to see who could drag the President away from millions of other pressing issues to drop by. Good for them. Nothing gives us here in Kalamazoo more of a hefty shove up the pride ladder in an already downtrodden city like some knucklehead snoozing off last night’s binge partying right behind President Obama and directly in front of the cameras. Yay for us! Stupid kid.