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Go Pack Go!

If you have been following us on Twitter or Facebook, then you are already aware of our recent trip to Dallas North Texas for the Super Bowl. Fred and I were treated to a trip to the big game by Chrysler and it was truly a grand experience, but the photo above is getting a bit ahead of ourselves. Honestly if I wasn’t so damn tired from the trip, I could probably do 10 posts about everything that happened, but instead I’m going to put the majority of it in this article, and follow-up with some supplemental posts later.


Chrysler 200 Show Car - Very Shiney

Our trip was mainly in conjunction with the Game On Blogger Road Trip, but that segment didn’t start until Friday. Anyone from the media who has ever been to the Super Bowl will tell you that many of them never even see the game. Instead they are on location for the various events that surround the game, which start as early as a week ahead of time. I was invited to a few such events, so I decided to take it upon myself to arrive on Wednesday (after being delayed a bit from weather) and stayed in Arlington.


Dilfer explains his love of Favre to Cowherd

The main reason for my early arrival was the great opportunity to get a behind the scenes look at ESPN Radio on Thursday. I will be doing a full article on this experience soon, but it was probably a once in a lifetime opportunity, and I enjoyed every moment of it.


Just chillin on the couch with Cooley.

We were even given access to the full plethora of guests that ESPN had on site in Fort Worth which included Joe Montana, Antonio Gates, Chris Cooley, and Kenny Mayne. We recorded 6Q interviews with each of them, plus a few more, and will be sharing those on the site in the future.


The Bus pours the perfect pint

Following a FULL day at the ESPN complex in Forth Worth, I made my way to Buffalo Wild Wings in Arlington for the Guinness Head to Head Perfect Pint Competition Finals with Mr. Jerome Bettis. Jerome was facing a fan in the competition, who defeated him for the title. The rest of us were treated to free food and Guinness, and even instructed on how to pour the perfect pint. Towards the end of the event, we were given a bit of 1 on 1 time with Jerome. Since we had previously interviewed him at another event, I decided to just take the opportunity to thank him for coming out, and get some shots of his Super Bowl Ring :



It had already been a fairly long day, so following this event I decided to head back to the hotel to get some work done. That night I was greeted by a surprise outside my window in the form of a snowstorm that I was unaware was coming. About 6 inches fell, and on top of the already ice covered roads, it proved to be detrimental to many activities on Friday. I was also greeted with the Cabbie strike when I attempted to get a ride on Friday morning, to make my way to Dallas. (this paragraph was totally written for Dan Levy)


Caption This!

Among the events we unfortunately missed on Friday (due to transportation issues) was the interesting event pictured above, hosted by Reebok ZigTech. It was named the ZigTech Cowboy Up Challenge, and involved Randy Couture riding a mechanical bull while NFL Stars powered the bull from treadmills. Yeah, its like a car accident that you can’t look away from, and I’m fairly disappointed I missed it. Here is some video that someone on YouTube shared, so we can both experience it together :

Later on Friday evening I was joined by our “Blogging Buddies” (and Fred from Gunaxin) that were also part of Chrysler’s Game On Road Trip. We’ll link to them all here, to get that out of the way : Bullz-Eye, Bro Bible, The Bachelor Guy, NFL Gridiron Gab, Sports Grid, Autoculture, Sports Girl, and Fumbling Forward. The next 2 days involved plenty of time spent at the hotel, hanging out and getting to know each other. We did make our way downtown on Saturday evening for dinner, and had a bit of time to shop. I made one purchase, can you guess what it was?


Say Cheese!!

So yeah, I bought a cheese-head, and that is me in the apartment on game day. An apartment? Yeah, they rented out an apartment for the month, that was right across the street from the stadium, and hosted a tailgate for us there. It was a fairly epic location, and we had some great food to go with it. We filmed our final interview of the Road Trip, and hung out until game time. Below is an example of the types of videos they put together for the road trip. It wraps up our segment of the trip, which ended in Chicago at the NFC Championship game.

You can find all of the videos, and enter to win $10,000 in prizes on their Facebook Page. Overall we had a great time on the road trip, and look forward to opportunities like this in the future. It was a bit awkward at first to be recorded and have it shared all over the internet, but once you get over that, it wasn’t too bad. They’ll be updating with additional videos of our trip in the future, so keep checking back to that page to see the entire story of the trip.

Super Bowl

Gunaxin, Bullz-Eye, and The Bachelor Guy head to the game.

Eventually we made our way through the gauntlet of fences, crazy fans, and security to find ourselves entering the Death Star for the friggin Super Bowl. You know what happened in the game, so I won’t really bore you with that. I do however have a few observations on what its like to attend the game in person :

  1. Security was located way outside of the Stadium, and once you made your way through, there was tons of stuff going on beyond that gate. So if you ever go, I highly recommend trying to enter as soon as you can, and allowing yourself enough time to enjoy the entire experience.
  2. Jerryworld is absolutely ridiculous, but has to be the ultimate place to enjoy a Football game right now. We did have some issues navigating in and out of the Stadium, but once we were in the seating bowl, everything was first class and simply outstanding.
  3. Corporate sponsorship inside the Stadium was subtle and classy. One of the main differences I noticed compared to my previous NFL experiences in Washington, Baltimore, and Chicago, is that the majority of signage inside the Stadium was covered over with NFL / Super Bowl focused branding. The replays and certain segments of the game were sponsored, but those sponsorships were highlighted in a subtle manner, rather than beating you upside the head. It was all very classy, and personally its the way I’d like to see it at any sporting event.
  4. That screen is friggin huge. The photo below gives you a general idea of our vantage point for the game. I’ll have to admit that I spent the majority of time watching the screen, rather than the live action. I felt a bit guilty about it, but it was fairly hard not to, considering we were in the upper deck. I thoroughly enjoyed the fact that the game was presented without any overlays on the screen. No yellow line for first downs, no clock, no score, no ads, nothing. Just football was pictured on the big screen during the action. To me, it had to be the ultimate game watching experience, because you could feel the crowd around you, but also see the game as if you were sitting in front of your big screen at home.
  5. I could probably go on for awhile with these types of observations, but our buddy the Bachelor Guy did a nice job of summarizing my thoughts on his site. So I’ll link you to his article, “8 Things I learned at the Super Bowl.”

The Coin Toss. How much money did you lose on that one, yah degenerate?

So I guess that’s enough for now. We have a full photo gallery that goes along with this article and our trip, which you can find on our Facebook Page.

In accordance with the FTC Guidelines, We are disclosing that our time, travel and accommodations have been compensated by Chrysler Corp. for our participation in the Blogger Game On Road Trip campaign. Although we have a material connection to Chrysler Corp., any publicly stated opinions of Chrysler Corp. and their products remain our own. The NFL is not sponsoring or affiliated with us, our trip or our postings.