Oz the Great and Powerful Has a Trailer

oz header 560x244Okay, so I just watched the first trailer for Oz The Great and Powerful and all I keep thinking is, 1) where the fu*k is Johnny Depp, 2) wait, Tim Burton didn’t direct this, 3) holy shit, flying monkeys, 4) Kunis, Weisz and Williams equals three boners up, and 5) Disney can eat a dick. Oh sure, it looks pretty, but there’s no way in Kansas I’m going to spend my hard-earned (wink) blogging money on a ticket for what amounts to a JV version of The Wizard of Oz. Did Hollywood forget the original is a beloved piece of cinematic perfection? Oh right, they don’t care, because someone at the Mouse needs a villa in Tuscany. Silly me. Pay no attention to the man behind the mahogany desk — his toilet paper is made of $100 bills sprinkled with flecks of gold.