Ozzy Osbourne Movie In the Works

ozzy osbourne1 560x361

If anyone deserves a movie based on his life, it would be Ozzy Osbourne. Well, if the reports are true, then the Prince of Darkness will be coming to a theater near you sometime in the next couple years. I am so there.

According to wifey/manager Sharon, the actor pegged to portray her hubby will be an unknown. Damn! And I was so hoping that Tom Cruise in a long black wig would be the studio’s pick. Even better, how about Nic Cage? He’s batshit crazy enough to get the gig.

Sharon also thinks Oscar nominee Carey Mulligan would be the ideal choice to play her. I concur. She’s got the correct amount of attitude to probably pull it off.

The flick is said to be moving into production, but don’t be surprised if it gets bogged down in red tape and legalize. Biopics have a tendency to fall apart before a single frame is shot. Fingers crossed this one bucks the trend.