Panasonic Blu-ray Player BD85

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If you are looking to finally pick up a Blu-ray player this holiday season, might I suggest the Panasonic Blu-ray BD85. I had a chance to check out the player and upgrade my home theater system experience from the ol’ DVD player to a Blu-ray player. People who say that a DVD player is just as good as Blu-ray are the same people who say a cassette rivals an MP3.

Watching Blu-ray movies such as Iron Man 2 and The Dark Knight, I immediately saw a difference.  The BD85 uses the PHL Reference Chroma Processor Plus. This technology was developed in collaboration with Panasonic Hollywood Laboratory, which is a high image processing technology reproducing clear, vivid colors that are faithful to the original film. The Panasonic BD85 features x.v.Color and Deep Color technologies for outstanding and detailed video. The BD85 produces high-definition movie playback with a resolution up to 5 times greater than a DVD player.

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The player enhances the video performance of standard DVD by converting their video resolution to HDTV-compliant 1080p by using the HDMI interface. So, your collection of DVDs won’t have to collect dust just because you’ve upgraded formats. The BD85 has a feature that reads the Blu-ray discs instantly. The boot time takes 0.5 seconds for each disc. This improvement makes you watch movies with less waiting time.

Another great feature is that you can access the Internet with the Wi-Fi adapter on the BD85. You will have access to the web by VIERA Cast that includes YouTube, Netflix, Pandora, Amazon movies on Demand, Picasa and more. I have a Netflix account and I love the Wi-Fi feature. I can instantly download movies from the web to my Blu-ray player. No more worrying about sending discs back in the mail. I can just browse movies online and watch instantly. There is a HDMI Jitter Purifier that provides clear and robust bass sounds that are faithful to the original sound from the film. Plus the player comes with a Digital Tube Sound Simulator that produces realistic sounds associated with a tube amplifier.

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If you want Movie Theater quality sound, the Panasonic BD85 has a 7.1 channel analog audio output to produce a true 7.1 surround sound experience that makes you feel like you are sitting in a movie theater. There is a dialogue enhanced feature that turns up the actors voices so you can hear everything that is said in each movie.

Installation is simple, and all you’ll need is an HDMI cable. The player features an SD Memory Card slot, which enables you to play your photos and home movies by just sliding in an SD memory card into the SD slot.

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This is a great Blu-ray player and would be an outstanding addition to your home theater system. You can purchase it at Panasonic’s website or at You will be happy with this because it has everything you need to enjoy movies, the Internet, and music all in the comfort of your home.