Paranormal Activity

paranormal activity dwrks2I love scary movies, not the movies with chainsaws and masked men but the movies that make you afraid of a power outage and sleeping at night. Meet Paranormal Activity, this decade’s Blair Witch Project (but actually scary), a horror flick about a young couple that is being haunted by a demon that like The Exorcist uses unorthodox tactics to haunt the victim. The movie itself cost just over $15,000 but what I have discovered is that these are the best type of scary movies. With directors and studios so worried about special effects and gore, the storyline often suffers.

Paranormal Activity only opened a few weeks ago in a few states, but as the word gets out it is starting to gain national exposure. The Paranormal Activity Website is running a petition and if it hits a million they will have the leverage to open nationwide. Since Paranormal Activity is such a low budget flick, it relies on its plot and eeriness to carry the movie. The movie is mostly shot with one camera that is mounted and follows the demon when the main characters Micha and Katie are most helpless. It’s been 15 years since I watched a movie and then slept with the light on. I drove home with the light on in my car, ┬áturned on every light in the house, and slept with a flashlight. I’m not a big fan of the trailers that show the audience and focuses on them but I do like how the trailer doesn’t give anything away about the movie. ┬áThis movie is like a broad you would meet at the bar at 4 AM awesome and amusing for one night but a little too scary to go see again.